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Rate Hikes=Company Retreat & Mega Bonuses

So let me see if I understand this correctly…if I’m an insurance company, I can hike my rates up 40% or so and then use that money to pay for multi-million dollar company parties/shindigs/vacas/pow wows… or as they call them retreats… to exotic locations with all-inclusive amenities for top executives…while handing said executives bonuses of millions of $$ each. Hmmm…your kidding, right? Does anyone else see the problem here?

Yeah, I, as an insuree, do not want to pay these executives millions of dollars. I mean, what have they done for me? Let me tell you… they denied payment for a treatment because it wasn’t necessary, (call me crazy but I think diagnostic testing is a necessity)…… raised my rates so that I now pay over $1200 a month for my family of 4… and they are taking advantage of their position and that just plain and simple pisses me off!

So I had to chuckle (to myself of course) when I saw the Wellpoint CEO Angela Braly admit “My salary is $1.1 million. I receive stock compensation with a value of $8.5 million and last year an incentive payment of $73,000.” Your kidding, right? Hey, here’s an idea… why don’t each of those executives who are drowning in cash, forfeit a mill or two and cover the cost themselves!?!?!?!

Stay tuned…I’m not done with this issue yet!


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