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Hello crazy world!

So the headline news today, Friday, February 25, 2010…Tilikum, a killer whale killed his Sea World trainer, Dawn Brancheau. This is a very tragic story, and I hesitate to cover it as the loss of life is never a joking matter. BUT…the fact that people are surprised by this astounds me. HELLO… we call them KILLER whales!!! HINT, HINT!!! You would think that by name alone we should expect this! As if this weren’t enough of a warning, this particular killer whale has done this before…TWICE!!! Come on peeps, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these creatures are potentially dangerous! I’m sure that all the trainers at Sea World are aware of the dangers of swimming with these mega-ton creatures. In fact, the trainers at Sea World were not allowed to swim with “Tilly” because of his size and his dangerous history.  Only a handful of trainers were permitted to work with him (pool side) at all and Dawn was one of those. She was a professional and cared deeply for these creatures. She would not want Tilly hurt in any way.  I have two words to sum up my thoughts on this…”FREE TILLY”


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